W H A T   I   D O

surveyI'm a highly skilled land use specialist of cherry-picked financially distressed land parcels suitable for residential development.  My projects are improved, if at all, by subdivision only, and then marketed to residential builders.

No construction & no development (other than subdivision), means low project risk and high turnover & ROI that can rarely be matched by traditional real estate investments (last project ROI was 318% in 3 months from acquisition to resale).  The adage that the money is made at the purchase has tremendous weight in my land investment strategies.  I do extensive, laser focused research on areas with distressed (delinquent property tax) parcel owners with desirable proximity to metro areas.  Where subdivision is possible, that expertise can expand ROI exponentially.

If you have a real estate parcel and are interested in immediate cash-in-hand liquidity, or, if you're a real estate investor looking to improve ROI through safe, creative land development, let's talk!